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Corporate Investigations and Consulting 

Corporate Investigations and Consulting 

Corporate Investigations and Consulting 

Who we are?

We look forward to working with professionals, businesswomen/men, and entrepreneurs who understand current security issues and legal requirements, willing to enhance business compliance with governing regulations. But, not less important, those ready to improve business readiness and security of their business operations utilizing our comprehensive, efficient, and practical corporate security solutions developed by contemporary investigative and safety standards and procedures.

SCORP individually models services to fit the needs and meet the requirements of our clients. We partner with you in the joint effort to take the business to the highest level while protecting your asset, reputation, and staff.

Our managing staff consists of professionals in the investigation, physical and technical security, legal, IT field, including corporate security consultants and partnering agencies, all licensed by relevant government agencies to conduct business within the jurisdiction of their respective expertise.

We are a team of experts, unique in the Western Balkan region by our competitiveness, experience, and willingness, always to take one step forward from our competitors.

“SCORΠ” is a growing agency licensed to conduct business in private investigations, oriented towards corporate clients. Experienced military, police, and intelligence officers, along with a team of legal experts and corporate security consultants, are the Agency’s backbone.

Corporate Investigations and Consulting Belgrade, Serbia

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Risk Assessment & Consulting I Due diligence

Private Investigation Agency SCORP will help you prevent and detect compliance issues and/or identify the root causes of any risk issue within an organization.

We specialize in designing effective and efficient corrective action plans, operational and aligned with legal regulations and business operations, “Compliance management,” to elevate successful business continuity without disruption regardless of threats, “Business Crisis and Continuity Management (BCCM).”

Mandatory compliance management projects per Law on private security, Law on emergencies, and Law on personal data protection are within the jurisdiction of our partnering company licensed to conduct risk assessment procedures per applicable laws and mandatory standards. Learn more about Risk assessment 

According to the Law on Private Security, companies must implement a risk assessment plan (“Official Gazette of RS,” No. 104/2013, 42/2015, and 87/2018). This essential document precedes further actions such as security planning and technical protection, design, construction, supervision, servicing, and maintenance of technical protection equipment. 

SCORP investigation unit ensures all legal, IT, and financial risks are accurately addressed and effectively treated…

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We are skilled in conducting due diligence, market environmental assessment, strategic partnership assessment, and reputation check. A lack of due diligence does not necessarily mean that the seller/merger will perpetrate fraud. However, due diligence by a buyer is the best way to avoid becoming the victim of fraud or making a wrong business decision. A strategic partnership and reputation check include a comprehensive evaluation of a person’s character, business, property ownership, corporate and political affiliations, etc. We have the best tools for preparing and delivering reports on prospective business partners, highlighting the slightest degree of misrepresentation.

Due diligence investigation aims to avoid a bad business or investment decision. This goal is broken down into assessment units (financial, operational, reputational, etc.) and general areas of concern (affiliations, medial representation, etc.).

Our due diligence team consists of a lawyer, an accountant, and an investigator, all well experienced in their respective specialties.

Risk Assessment & Consulting I Due diligence Belgrade, Serbia

Loss Prevention and Reputation Protection

Private detective agency SCORP is prepared and aware of modern-day corporate criminal activity complexities. Our capability to detect deception, identify discrepancy, recognize indiscretion, and sense the inconsistency set us apart from competitors. We have trained ourselves to look closely at the case, looking for those subtle hints, those subtle clues that occur in each step of the investigation.

While we look, we analyze, evaluate, and assess information that helps us prepare the following steps and anticipate its expected results. Our investigators are skilled in gathering all available information for the evaluation, then forming a basic idea of what needs to be accomplished.

We always ask ourselves in each stage of investigation:

  1. What is the purpose of this investigation?
  2. What are the goals?
  3. What is expected of us, and how can we accomplish that task in our client’s best interest?

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One of the major characteristics of our private investigators is a high level of confidence among our clients.

Besides compliance and business crisis and continuity management, our risk assessment procedure and action plan aim to identify vulnerabilities susceptible to certain losses to strengthen vulnerable sections in your organization to prevent loss and increase profitability. 

Our main goal is to transfer the inevitable loss into the investment in carefully designed policies and procedures that will, in the long run, result in increased profitability, a safe work environment, and the recognizable reputation of our clients.

Do you know what is the most important asset to protect? Asset protection begins at the workplace, and it must start with your employees. Corporate espionage is a legitimate threat. As technology advances, so do the tools used for espionage. An area of growing concern worldwide is the theft of intellectual property. SCORP has made information protection a priority. Intellectual property is a diverse and complex phenomenon that requires an educated investigator in this field.

Investigations of confidential information leaks most typically involve lengthy surveillance and undercover work. This surveillance should generate documented proof that the person who agreed to confidentiality has disclosed the information in some restricted way. Those are complicated investigations, and the evidence can be even more challenging to obtain.

Preventing employee leaks is challenging. Education and awareness, combined with non-disclosure and non-compete agreements, are helpful but do not solve the problem.

Loss Prevention and Reputation Protection Belgrade, Serbia

Corporate Fraud Investigations and Surveillance

Are you one of those who decided to leave a business’s vulnerable sections untreated and continue doing business with predicted and acceptable losses?  Do you know that investment in fraud investigation reduces loss by 40% and is the best preventive measure for theft and misappropriation? You are probably aware that certain losses and issues can never be predicted and are not acceptable.

The team of experienced investigators places significant effort in discovering, investigating, and resolving financial fraud, theft, asset misappropriations, IT breaches, an unauthorized leak of sensitive information, sick-leave abuses, illicit drug abuse at the workplace, and many other corporate crimes and frauds that may jeopardize your business operation.

Are you overloaded with questionable insurance claims of claimants from the Ex-Yu region?

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We deliver evidence and legally admissible reports in insurance fraud cases, fraudulent disability compensation claims, and reports on current recipients of welfare programs procured fraudulently. Our approach in insurance claim investigations is evidence collection, interviews, and records. Our reports are well suited for the insurer to conclude whether a claim is legitimate or illegitimate.

Surveillance and undercover investigations are conducted under the highest professional and ethical standards aligned with the Law on detective activity of the Republic of Serbia. We do all forms of surveillance, stationary surveillance, mobile surveillance, and electronic surveillance. Our lead private investigator collects information about the complete profile of the subject to be placed under surveillance to decide on the best method aligned with the specifics of the case investigated and individuals placed under surveillance.

We specialize in behavioral profiling through a statement analysis and handwriting. This is particularly useful in investigating the legitimacy of reports initiated by “whistleblower” tools. The profiling is most effective when applied in the early stages of the investigations. Still, in practice, many of you try to deal with the issue on your own and wait to employ the profiling at the latter stages, increasing the time, costs, and success of an investigation.

Corporate Fraud Investigations Belgrade, Serbia

Pre/Employment Screening & Background Check

30% of all business failures are attributed to employee theft.

Matching a particular position with suitable credentials is a significant component of having a reliable, capable, productive, and foremost driving labor force as the major power in your company’s growth.

When conducting the background investigation, it is unnecessary to expend the same resources on a mid-to lower-level employee as high-level management or the potential executive. Any applicant who is considered for a position of trust, who will be a key holder, will require close examination.

Corporate investigation agency SCORP has a specially designed security clearance classification aligned with a particular position and its responsibilities so that each job effectively fits the suitable security clearance level.

Professional check of selected candidates, work history verification, academic and licensing credential verification, property ownership investigation, professional and personal profiling, and personalized interviews are several standardized methods for data collection while conducting prospective or current employees’ background checks.

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The law on detective activity of the Republic of Serbia stipulates that merely licensed private investigators are authorized to conduct a background check on current and/or prospective candidates applying for a specific position within the business organization.

Are you looking for a reliable partner in Serbia capable of providing background reports according to the highest standard in the industry? SCORP is the only one in Serbia that expands background checks by visiting the local police department of an individual’s place of residence. Apart from essential elements of background inquiry, we make sure that all findings are confirmed in real life on the ground. For example, when the applicant provides references or a former employer’s phone number, our investigation is not solely based on phone calls to those individuals. We make sure the numbers and companies are legit and those stated in the resume and that we talk to the right person.

Pre-Employment Screening & Background Check Belgrade, Serbia

IT Forensics / Cybersecurity

We can’t stress enough how vital cybersecurity and IT predefined policy are for overall business security, including personal data and intellectual property breaches and leks. Recent infringements in the medical industry and leaks of sensitive personal data all over the region are unacceptable lapses no longer tolerated in the Serbian market.

SCORP works closely with its clients and ensures that all potential cyber gaps are addressed, and breaches prevented. We have established a unique position in the private investigation industry in the region thanks to the IT experts who provide penetration testing, collect digital evidence, assess, adjust, and implement IT policy compatible with the highest cybersecurity standards.

Our partnering agency and the team of our experts provide general compliance consulting on GDPR, GDPR awareness training, and develop a GDPR compliance guide according to international and domestic regulations.

IT Forensics / Cybersecurity Belgrade, Serbia


Over 4 billion people worldwide are social media users, and another billion will join by 2025. An abundance of content and data created and shared on social media platforms has become a form of open-source intelligence. Web Intelligence (WEBINT) is often a more practical and less expensive approach to data gathering and analytics. It’s quicker and more straightforward and usually the key lead in HUMINT preparation. Our resources include the best web intelligence tools; we partner with leading analytic software providers in the region.

Collection and analysis of a broad range of information, both open/publicly available and from a human source, is one of our strategic approaches in conducting private investigations.

With an abundance of information publicly available, we often face the dilemma of what information is reliable and credible. You’ve probably come across multiple often contradicting information online and didn’t know what to do with it.

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The most common application of HUMINT and OSINT in the corporate environment we find in asset verification, ultimate ownership structure verification, integrity and reputation verification, litigation check, and partnership verification.

Interpersonal methods, known as the collection of human intelligence (HUMINT), include data collected from people. HUMINT is the oldest method for collecting data and usually the most subtle and the most valuable. You need people on the ground who have recourses to retrieve hidden hints and clues about the subject.

We provide detailed reports and consulting on prospective partnerships and the intelligence necessary for your profound decision-making policy. We deliver comprehensive background reports on prospective employees, vendors, partners, etc.

Our investigation analytic unit ensures all discrepancies are eliminated; reports are conclusive and ready for the decision-making phase.

OSINT & HUMINT Belgrade, Serbia

Insurance Fraud and Vehicle Repatriation

We specialize in insurance fraud investigations and offer comprehensive solutions to combat fraudulent activities in the insurance industry. Our specialized team of experienced investigators is dedicated to uncovering fraudulent activities and providing concrete evidence to support your claims-handling process. We understand the unique challenges and complexities of insurance fraud investigations in the Western Balkans region and have established strong relationships with local authorities and stakeholders.

We are pleased to inform you that we already have a strong presence and established partnerships with reputable investigation firms in the European Union. By working directly with us, you can enjoy lower fees by bypassing intermediaries without compromising the quality and effectiveness of the investigations. 

  • Fraudulent Claims Investigations
  • Insurance Fraud Investigations
  • Vehicle Repatriation Services
  • Legal Support and Expert Testimony

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Fraudulent Claims Investigations:

In-depth examination of suspicious insurance claims, including those related to car accidents, vehicle theft, and property damage.

Collection and analysis of relevant evidence, such as accident reports, witness statements, surveillance footage, and medical records.

Collaboration with law enforcement agencies, insurance industry databases, and forensic experts to strengthen the investigation.

Insurance Fraud Investigations:

Proactive identification and investigation of fraudulent activities specific to insurance, including staged accidents, false injury claims, fraudulent disabilities, and vehicle theft.

Utilization of advanced investigative techniques, such as covert surveillance, background checks, and data analysis, to detect patterns of fraud.

Vehicle Repatriation Services:

Prompt and efficient retrieval of stolen or fraudulently claimed vehicles.

Collaboration with local authorities, law enforcement agencies, and international partners to facilitate the repatriation process.

Comprehensive documentation and support throughout the repatriation process, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Legal Support and Expert Testimony:

Provision of expert opinions and testimony to support your legal proceedings in cases involving insurance fraud.

Collaboration with legal professionals and insurers to provide robust evidence and assist in achieving favorable outcomes.

Vehicle repatriation Serbia